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Modern life spins by at a frantic pace, so any uncertainty about commercial flights can be hard to manage. That’s why Max Aviation promises you exactly what you need when chartering a plane.

Chartering a plane means that people can travel rapidly without spending hours waiting in airports. Departure time is totally up to you, and we’re ready to come back as soon as your commitments are dealt with. Our King Air airplanes are a logical choice for comfort, speed, flexibility and safety.

“Our team gives its all to make your travel fast, economical and worry-free.”

– Josée Prud’Homme, President

for your safety
and your ambitions.

Our fleet of King Air 200, equiped with G1000 technology, will allow you to enjoy an exceptional experience, their superior comfort will guarantee you a pleasant trip.
The best Navigation systems ensure your safety at all times.
Look no further our aircraft are the most comfortable, performance and safety.


Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, we’re ready to take off on two hours’ notice, on your schedule, for the destination of your choice in North America. Max Aviation, your travel partner!

All destinations

Max Aviation serves all of Québec, the North and the northeastern United States.

Save money

Charter a plane and save time and money. Avoid waiting around at your destination and be back in the comfort of home the same evening.

Confidentiality policy

We promise that all information about your requests for a quote and your travel will remain confidential.

A team and equipment
to transport?

Corporate air transport service
to outlying regions and the United States.
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